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Year 6

Welcome to our Year 6 classroom. Look below to find out about all the fun things we've been up to this half term and what is to come:

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Year 6 2019-2020 Long Term Plan

Spring 2 - What we are learning

Spring 1 - What we are learning.

Gender Stereotypes Fire Fighter Visit

Autumn 2- What we are learning.

Autumn 1 - What we are learning.


Spring Term 2020

Could you survive in a rainforest?



Heart Smart

At St Mary's we are trying to be Heart Smart. This means that we use our hearts and our minds to make good decisions for ourselves and others.


Click here to find our more about the Heart Smart scheme  

Homework Helpers






Year 6 2018-19 Long Term Plan

Summer 1 Overview

Autumn 1 Overview

Spring 1 Overview

Spring 2 Overview

Summer 2 Overview