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Absences from school


Visits to the Doctor, Dentist, Hospital


Routine visits should not take place during the school day.  If your child has to attend a medical appointment during school hours, please send a copy of the appointment card/letter to the School Office/ Class Teacher in advance.  If your child is to leave school early for any reason please indicate whether or not they are being collected.  We cannot permit a child to leave school unescorted without your permission.


Absence from School


If your child is absent through illness, we are required to have an explanation.  This could be a note to the Class Teacher, a telephone call or email to the School Office, please do not use Class Dojo for asbences.  Without this contact, absences will be classed as unauthorised. 



Please be aware that parents do not have the legal right to authorised absence for holidays during term time.  Requests for holidays during term time will not be authorised unless there are exceptional circumstances.