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Our Rights Respecting School

We are a UNICEF Gold Rights Respecting School!

Pleased click the link to see our recent assessment report. 

Rights Respecting Rocks

We have recently launched our Rights Respecting Rocks project and would love for everyone to get involved.


At school, children will be invited to paint a rock inspired by our Rights Respecting work but we would also welcome any rocks that you might want to paint at home!


The rocks will be displayed around school as a reminder of our amazing work as part of our Rights Respecting school approach.


Happy painting!




Our Rights Respecting and Values Ambassadors have been working hard on our 'Stop-Idling Campaign.'


All children have the right to good health, clean water and a safe environment (Article 24 UNCRC.)


What is idling?
Put simply, ‘idling’ is when a vehicle’s engine 
is left running while parked, stationary, or when waiting at junctions or traffic lights which contributes to toxic emissions.


Reasons to stop idling:
1. It improves air quality. Breathing in air pollution during our lifetime has been linked to a wide range of health problems, including lung and heart disease, stroke and cancer.


2. Idling cars can be an obstruction, with families needing to walk around cars with their engines running.


3. Children tend to spend more time outside, where concentrations of air pollution from traffic are generally higher. When children are walking or in a pushchair they are often at the height of vehicle exhausts meaning that they breathe in higher concentrations of pollutants.


4. It helps the environment by reducing CO2 emissions. A typical passenger vehicle emits about 4.6 tonnes of carbon dioxide per year.




Please remember to turn off your engines when your vehicle is not being used - especially outside school.

We will be sharing lots more information in the coming weeks on Dojo and our website as part of our Stop-Idling campaign.


Thank you.

January 20th 2023: RRS Day

Christmas Charity: Centrepoint

*Christmas Charity 2022*

Just a reminder that the proceeds from the ticket sales of the Christmas Hamper Raffle will be split between the PTA and our chosen charity; Centrepoint.

This charity has been chosen by our Rights Respecting School (RRS) Ambassadors. As part of our Rights-Respecting work, we learn that all children have the right to food, clothing and a safe home (Article 27 of the UNCRC.)

Centrepoint is a Manchester-based charity that gives help and support to young homeless people. For £12 you can sponsor a room for a homeless person and they also work hard to provide counselling and guidance to help young people get back on their feet.

You can find more information here:

We know that Christmas can be an expensive and difficult time for many and we really appreciate your support.

Thank you

Our article for this half term is Article 3: Best interests of the child.

We have been working very hard towards our Silver Rights Respecting Schools Award and have been very busy - even during lockdown! 


We held a fantastic competition for all children to design a mascot for our school. All the children had the right to vote for their winner and we are very pleased to announce that Rosie was our winner with her brilliant Ronnie the Rights Respecting Rabbit design! Expect to see more of Ronnie throughout the year! 


Here is Rosie collecting her prize. 


Still image for this video

We are very proud to have been awarded 'Bronze- Rights Committed' Rights Respecting Schools Award.


This means that at St Mary's we learn all about children's rights not just in our country but the rights of children all around the world.


This half term we are focusing on Article 24: 


All children have the right to the best health.


Below are some documents that tell you more about Rights Respecting Schools: