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Our English Curriculum follows the requirements of the Primary National Curriculum. Please clink on the link for details. Our English Policy details how we deliver the requirements of the National Curriculum.

Meet the St.Mary’s Reading Ambassadors.

The Importance of Reading

Practice makes perfect

Unsurprisingly, the more children read, the better they will get at reading. 


Improves vocabulary and language skills

Children learn new words every day by hearing words read or reading themselves. They will often be exposed to words or phrases that they may not have heard otherwise. 


Builds concentration

As children need to sit quietly to read or listen to a book being read, their concentration improves.


Boosts creativity and imagination 

When we read, we are often transported in to another world or time. As we immerse ourselves in the story, we build pictures in our minds. 


Developing empathy

As children become involved with a story, they naturally develop empathy for the characters as they learn to identify with how the characters are feeling.

Gaining a deeper understanding of the world

By reading books, children learn about different people, places and cultures. This helps them to become more aware and make sense of the world.


Academic success

Regular reading promotes a child's academic success across the curriculum, not just in English. Reading gives the brain a good workout. 


Reading is fun!

Reading is an enjoyable activity for everyone. 

Reading poetry in Year 3.

Year 5- using iPads to record news reports based on our class text, Beowulf.

World Book Day in Year 5- sharing a story with our grown ups and Year 1 buddies