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Welcome to year 4!

Long Term Plan (2020-2021)

Summer 2 

Summer 2 - Overview of learning and how to help at home. 

Summer 2 - Sample timetable. 


This half term, Year Four will be reading The Animals of Farthing Wood and The Girl Who Stole an Elephant, as our 'Whole Class Reads'. 

Music - Wider Opportunity Flute Lessons 

Year Four have been taking part in a Wider Opportunity flute lesson, for the past two half terms. They are learning: how to make a sound with their flute, beginning to read music, identifying the rhythm and beat of a piece of music and learning a new song. We are having an amazing time learning a new skill. 

This video shows the children reading music alongside playing the flute. They are practicing to play the B note on their flute.

Still image for this video

Science - Living Things and Their Habitats. 

To begin our 'Living Things and Their Habitat' topic in science, we were lucky enough to meet some very interesting animals, from The Little Zoo.
 We had the opportunity to touch the animals and learn so many new facts about each of their habitats. 

Summer 1 

Summer 1 - Overview of learning and how to help at home. 

Summer 1 - Sample timetable. 


Earth Day 2021 

Year 4 have been busy creating information posters all about Earth Day. 

Spring 2 

Spring 2 - Overview of learning and how to help at home. 

Spring 2 - Sample Timetable.


This half term, we will be reading The Akimbo Adventures for our class novel. The story will provide the children with an insight into how children live in Africa and will allow them to compare the two different cultures.  


Spring 2 - Fractions and decimal places. 





Spring 1 

Spring 1 - Overview of learning and how to help at home.


This half term, year 4 are reading The Lion, The Witch and The Wardrobe for our class novel. 








Spring 1  - Multiplication and Division 


Science - States of Matter 


Autumn term 2020 

Autumn 1 - Overview of learning and how to help at home.
Sample Timetable 

Science -Sound   




Year 4 Long term plan 2019 - 2020

Spring term 2020 

Spring 2 - What we are learning.
Sample timetable - Spring 2 

Spring 1 - What we are learning.

Sample timetable - Spring 1

Geography - Physical geography, rivers and the water cycle. 

Science - Animals including humans, digestion and teeth. 

As part of our science topic about teeth and the digestive system, year 4 have set up an experiment to investigate the effect of different drinks/liquids on our teeth. We placed an egg into coffee, tea, water, lemonade, vinegar and covered the 6th egg in tooth paste before adding it to the coffee. We will review the experiment on Monday to find the results. 

Sample timetable

Autumn 2 - What we are learning.

Autumn 1 - What we are learning.






Year 4 2018 - 2019

Welcome to our class page. Information about our learning will be added as the year goes on. Looking forward to an exciting, busy year ahead.




Curriculum Overview Autumn 1 2018

Year 4 Long term plan


River models.


2016-17 in Year 4

Meeting the author Andy Seed.

Christmas golden time - baking.

Making candles in RE.

The heart of our classroom is friendship.