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Year 1

Welcome to Year 1! 

The Year 1 teacher is Miss Guinan and we also have the fantastic Mrs Westlake working with us too! We have lots of exciting learning planned and we can't wait to get stuck into Summer term!







Autumn 2

All about the human body 



Try these games about the human body

Year 1- Autumn 2 Overview

Here is a usual week in Year One...

Year 1 Long Term Plan 2021-22

Year 1 - Autumn 1 Overview and information for parents


This term our topic will be SUPERHEROES. We will look at what it takes to be a superhero and look at people in our community who are real life 'superheroes'. In Science will will explore our senses and in Design Technology we will be exploring mechanisms and making our own superhero book including pulleys and levers.


Click on the links below for more ways to help at home with the different areas of learning this half term.


Toys through time

We will be finding out all about toys past and present.

     Click here to try out a fun toy sorting game.
Click on the pictures below to find out more about toys in the past.


Home Learning 

Here are some additional sheets for your child to do that have lots of questions following a similar format. These are good as they just need a bit of input and then they can complete the rest independently. Please do not feel you need to do all of these at all. They are just for you to use in place of any of the activities on Dojo. 

Year 1 Long Term plan


Summer 2

This term we are exploring Traditional Tales; we will be looking at well known stories such as Jack and the Beanstalk, The Three Little Pigs and Little Red Riding Hood. We will be using our topic not only to inspire our writing, but also our Design and Technology projects. We will be  designing a structure for the Three Little Pigs to live in! Hopefully we will use materials that are strong enough to keep out any pesky wolves!


Use the links below to find out more about the different topics we will be learning about this half term. 


You can visit our virtual library to listen to stories we use in class. We have lots linked to our P.S.H.E topics.

Click here to see our books so far...



Fairy Tales

Jack and the beanstalk

Goldilocks and the Three Bears

The Ugly Duckling




BBC Video 


Our local Area


Find our school using

Google Maps




What materials should we use?


Everyday Materials


BBC Game


No way through isn't true


First Aid


Summer 1: Space and Heroes of Our Time

Summer 1



Games about space


Influential people

Neil Armstrong 


Influential people

Helen Sharman


Growing plants

Games to grow your own



Find out about Islam



Links to help at home






Additional links to support learning at home


Teach your Monster to Read - Phonics learning app


BBC Supermovers - Great maths songs to learn and move to


In Year 1, we continue to use the ReadWriteInc scheme as the foundation for our phonics teaching. 
Here are some links to sites and worksheets to help you at home.

Spanish Home Learning


Spring 2 Overview

Heart Smart

At St Mary's we are trying to be Heart Smart. This means that we use our hearts and our minds to make good decisions for ourselves and others.


Click here to find our more about the Heart Smart scheme  


This week we have thought about who we are grateful to and why.


Here are some of the things we thought of:


I am grateful to Zara for always helping me in class.


I am grateful to the dinner ladies who help me cut my food and carry my tray sometimes.


I am grateful to Mrs Westlake for helping me with my sounds.


I am happy Tom is my friend because he helps me to have fun.


I am grateful to Freddie because he says kinds things to everyone.

Autumn 1 Overview