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Ukraine Appeal

Collection for Ukraine
Please see the message below from our friends at church:-

Hello everyone
Thank you all so much for your ongoing support and the wonderful amount of donations that are being sent to help the refugees from Ukraine.

All donations are being taken to Trafford Veterans who are working with other organisations to ensure that all donations are getting to where they are most needed.
I understand that lorries full of donated goods are leaving for Poland on a regular basis.

Below is the updated list of items that we are currently being asked to donate.
St Mary's church is open, the door off the car park, from 9-12pm Monday to Friday plus Saturday to receive donations.

Thank you so much for your ongoing support and prayers for all affected by this war.

- First aid kits, Field bandages, Cold/Flu treatment, Antiseptic cream, Bandages, Sterile dressing, Wound closure strips, Multivitamins, Vicks Vapour rub, Barrier cream, Cough syrup, Antiseptic body wipes, Tourniquets, Emergency Foil Blankets, Surgical tape.

Protein bars, 3 in 1 coffee sachets, Small packets of nuts/raisins, Peanut butter in plastic jars, Cupasoups/Super Noodles/packet soups

Wet wipes, Pocket tissues, Pampers, Sanitary towels, Tampons

- New Thermal vests/pants, Balaclavas, Shoe inserts, Hand and feet warmers, Opaque tights for warmth for men and women (large size ) Snoods, Fingerless mittens, Hats, Scarves

- USB and micro USB Powerbanks for laptops and Phones, Lightning charges for iPhone and Micro USB