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Remote Learning

I have just had a meeting with the staff to talk through how the remote learning is going and to discuss any concerns. We are well aware of how difficult all this is for families at the moment, especially if parents and carers are working from home.

The staff have been incredibly impressed with the levels of engagement from the children and the attendance on the zoom calls.

I've also had lots of conversations and message exchanges with parents over the last week. The feedback from parents and carers so far has been that the learning tasks we are setting are about right and that the zoom calls are helping.

Some parents have shared concerns that their children are having 'up and down' days when their mental health is suffering. Below is a link to ELSA - Emotional Literacy Support. There are some really lovely free activities which you can download and use with your child if they are struggling with lockdown.

Some parents have talked to me about printing - please be assured you don't need to print the sheets that are posted. The children can read them on the screen and write answers in their books. If you are downloading tasks on a phone, please get in touch and ask for one of the tablets which might make things easier.

The teachers have asked me to remind the children of a few things about the zoom calls though:-

This is your school day. You must be up and dressed and demonstrating good listening skills in the same way you would be doing in class. Some parents have contacted us regarding specific reasons why their child needs to have their screen off, but these are the exceptions. Please have your screen on and be dressed and ready to learn in your work place e.g. sitting at a table.

I look forward to seeing you on your zoom calls in the morning.