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Ofsted report - November 2021

I am pleased to be able to share our latest Ofsted report with you. We were inspected on 10th/11th November 2021 and we have received the final report this week. 


I am delighted with the report and I really feel that the inspector took the time to really understand what we are about as a school. The inspection we had was a Section 8 Inspection which happens when a school is already graded as 'Good'. In a Section 8 Inspection, the school does not receive a separate grading for each section of the inspection framework and does not normally change its grading. The inspector judged that St Mary's remains a 'Good' school and she was very impressed with all that she saw, and with all of the improvements since the previous inspection. She was bowled over by the passion and enthusiasm our children have for their learning.

The inspection was very focussed on curriculum (particularly reading, maths and foundation subjects) and what it is like to be a pupil in our school. There is a small point for development, as there always will be. However, there is a huge amount to celebrate and I couldn't be prouder of our school community. The report will be published on the Ofsted website next week but I can now share it with you prior to publication. 

Thank you to everyone who is part of our school family. You all help to make our school the wonderful place it is. 


Ofsted Inspection Report