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Last week of school - Weather guidance and events

Extreme Weather Warning
As I am sure you are all aware, Monday and Tuesday are forecast to be ridiculously hot. We have been sent guidance from Trafford on how to keep the children and staff as safe as possible in the heat.

The Reception/KS1 mini sports event will be kept brief and should be over before the heat of the day. We will be outside for no more than 20 minutes and we will keep to the shade as much as possible.
Reception/KS1 children need to wear PE kit - shorts and white T-shirt for both days.

Children in KS2 are also welcome to wear their PE kit (shorts and t-shirts) if they would like to on both days.

Your child needs to put sun cream on before coming to school. They are welcome to bring sun cream in to apply more before lunch if necessary. They will need to be able to do this for themselves.
They must also bring a hat to wear on the playground.

Playtimes outside will be kept short and children will be outside for no longer than 20 minutes at lunchtime. We will keep them to shaded areas as much as possible.

Your child must bring a refillable water bottle. Staff will remind children to have drinks and will refill water bottles as necessary.

Hopefully by Wednesday, we will all be feeling a little more