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Eco-Schools Silver Award!

Our Eco-Council have been working hard over the last two years to achieve the next stage in our Eco-Schools journey. The work began last year with our committee led by Dylan E and Emily B who left last year and the following children who are still with us:-
Ethan M - Year 6
Beth R - Year 6
Lucca A - Year 5
Morgan O - Year 5
Amber C - Year 4
Dilan M - Year 4
Diamond S - Year 3
Mason B - Year 3
Holly W - Year 2

The work of the committee was curtailed by the pandemic but this half term, Morgan and Lucca have worked with Mrs Lee-Manford to complete the application and we received notification last week of our successful application for the Eco-Schools Silver Award! This is an amazing achievement for our school and I would like to thank Mrs Lee-Manford, the Eco-council and everyone who contributed. Congratulations!