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St. Mary's Football Team

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We enjoy training together between our scheduled matches.

We enjoy training together between our scheduled matches. 1
We enjoy training together between our scheduled matches. 2
We enjoy training together between our scheduled matches. 3
We enjoy training together between our scheduled matches. 4
We enjoy training together between our scheduled matches. 5

St Mary’s Primary School VS Kingsway Primary School

First St Marys kicked off and Jack passed the football to Max. They passed the ball around when Joshua was late! Then when Joshua got there sadly Charlie got injured so Jason went on the pitch. By that time Kingsway gained possession and scored, better luck next time Charlie. “Half time” called the ref. Lisa had some great advice for us all. Josh and Abid went on but when they went on Kingsway scored another goal. This time it was a free kick. It hit Charlie then hit the post and went in. So St Mary’s took kick off and unfortunately lost possession but Reece got the ball back with his strength and lost the player. But then somebody got the ball off  Reece and scored . You should have seen some of Charlie’s great saves. The ref blew his whistle. 

Full time

Kingsway 3:0 St Marys

Last season

The fabulous St Mary's football team after our last match this season.

The fabulous St Mary's football team after our last match this season. 1

St Mary’s vs Abbotsford

1st half Jack amazingly scored in the first 10 seconds to make it 1 nil to St Mary’s. Evan played it into him and Jack ran through 4 of the Abbotsford men and then took a shot on goal! Abbotsford had a chance, they blasted it but Rhys jumped and saved it. So the first half ended 1 nil to St Mary’s.


2nd half Abbotsford had a shot and missed it. Joe then got hold of the ball and ran down the wing and did an amazing shot and curled it in the net. Billy fouled one man and the opposing team had a free kick but Rhys saved it. Soon after that Abbotsford had a shot and scored. It was a great shot. A bit later Max tackled a man and stole the ball and yes it went in the back of the net. Then the whistle went to leave the final score 3-1 to St Mary’s!

Highfield vs St Mary’s


The game was kicked off by St Mary’s. During the first few minutes both teams cancelled out each others possessions and attacks. The first goal was scored by Max, a brilliant pass landed onto his foot and then he had a sensational shot on goal which hit the cross bar and went in. 1-0 to St Mary’s.

Kick off to Highfield, Highfield had possession for quite a while but soon St Mary’s tackled them and St Mary’s had a good run down the wing. We crossed it in and Evan shoots and scored! 2-0 to St Mary’s.


Second half

Highfield took kick off and they got tackled. We crossed it into Jack and he tried an overhead kick which just went wide.

Corner to Highfield. They crossed it in, Rhys pushed it out but it had already gone out of play but the ref gave a corner. Free kick to Highfield and it went right under Rhys’s arms. 2-1 to St Marys.

Full time 2-1



St Mary’s VS Acre Hall

First it was a St Mary’s kick off and Jack passed it to Joe and we started getting it up every time we got the ball. Joe had 3 chances but they all fell short. Finally after quite a bit of time Jack made a through ball do Even and he placed it into the bottom right corner. After that we started playing even better than we did earlier. We kept on shooting but they didn’t seem to go in.


In the second half the opposing side kicked off and we immediately took the ball from them. We started playing through balls every minute and then one worked. Joe crossed it into the box and then Max placed it in the back of the net managing to get a goal too! Shortly after that we kept possession until Jack had a brilliant chance to score, he took that opportunity and yes 3 nil to

St Mary’s and that was the final score when the whistle was blown.

St Mary’s vs St Michael’s


St Michael’s kicked off and kept possession for a while and tried to get past St Mary’s but they failed. Billy kicked the ball to Evan, he ran round the defence and scored. That was the end of the first half.

St Mary’s kicked off and the second half was under way. They lost the ball and St Michael’s had a shot but Rhys saved it. Then they went out for a corner. Rhys caught it and kicked it out to Jack. Then he scored. St Michael’s kicked off St Mary’s took the ball. Charlie passed it to Jack and Jack scored again. The final score was 3-0 to St Mary’s.