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Road Safety Meeting 27.04.18

Road Safety Meeting 27.04.18 1

The School Council again met with our local MP, Kate Green, to discuss the next stage of our plans to improve road safety on Cornhill Road. 

Thank you to all who completed our questionnaires and have shared their ideas on how we can best improve the situation. These include double yellow lines on Cornhill Road, introducing a 20mph zone around the school and discussing if it is possible to re-route the buses.


We are now hoping to arrange a meeting with Trafford Council to discuss implementing our ideas.



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The school council meets every month to discuss ways in which they can help improve our school.


We are currently working hard to raise awareness about road safety. We are becoming concerned about the amount of traffic around our school; especially in the morning and at home-time. Cornhill Road is very busy with both cars and buses and the potential hospital parking permit scheme could make the situation worse.


We recently met with our local MP, Kate Green, to discuss our road safety concerns. She has agreed to lend us her support to our campaign. We will be gathering evidence of the problem and discussing potential solutions in preparation for our next meeting with Kate.


School Council meeting with Kate Green MP


Watch this space!