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Position Statement

Mission Statement


As a Christian family we provide a challenging, fun and caring learning environment for children to achieve their own potential.
We achieve this through:-
  • excellence in learning and teaching
  • nurturing children to grow spiritually
  • encouraging respect and tolerance within our school and the wider community
  • establishing a good foundation for life ahead
  • being a school where children, parents and staff feel safe and happy
  • supporting children to make informed choices about their wellbeing


School Aims



  1. To work together to create a happy, warm, welcoming, safe and caring environment.
  2. To set and achieve the highest possible standards of behaviour, courtesy, work and care by always giving our best and providing opportunities for all pupils to reach their potential.
  3. To encourage and foster close links with the community of our Mother Church, St. Mary’s and the wider community.
  4. To acknowledge, value and develop the major role of parents in the education of their children.
  5. To deliver a wide-ranging, stimulating and challenging curriculum, helping children to develop enquiring minds and independence in learning.
  6. To ensure that from our Christian values and beliefs spring compassion, respect, tolerance, support and concern for others which prepares our children for life in a wider society.
  7. To be approachable and inspire confidence in everyone who is part of the family of St. Mary’s by valuing their contribution.
  8. To develop the core curriculum areas in order that National Curriculum test and task results meet our agreed targets.
  9. To provide pupils with high quality teaching in order to achieve high quality learning by means of a broad, balanced curriculum.
  10. To develop in each child a sense of self-worth and a positive self-image - as a foundation for effective learning.
  11. To raise the expectations of all (pupils, staff, parents) to strive for excellence.
  12. To provide a high quality, well organised and resourced learning environment.
  13. To support school improvement by effective management in terms of finance, curriculum, resources, administration and personnel.