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Hello, we are the new E-Safety Ambassadors for our school. We are a group of 11 pupils across Key Stage 2 and it is our responsibility to inform you of what’s hot and whats not in the world of E-safety.

Our e-safety ambassadors are


Year 3 

I love computers and cute kittens!

My e-safety tip is to always ask your parents before you go online.

I like playing Minecraft.

My e-safety tip is to check with an adult before you go online and don't talk to strangers.

I enjoying playing games and watching things on my iPad.

My e-safety tip is to never tell anyone your password. 

Hi, I like playing video games.

My e-safety tip is to never talk to people you don't know online.

Year 4

My hobbies are gymnastics and going to Brownies.

My e-safety tip is to always keep your personal details and password safe.

I enjoy playing racing games.

My e-safety tip is to have a password that nobody can guess.

Year 5

Hi, I'm the Y5 e-safety ambassador.

My favourite colours are green and purple.

My e-safety tip is to always keep your information private when you are online.

I am the e-safety ambassador for Y5.

I like playing video games.

My e-safety tip is to have lots of different passwords. 

Year 6

I enjoy dance and art.

My e-safety tip is not to tell people private information about yourself when you are online. 

I'm one of the Y6 e-safety ambassadors. I love to play computer games and music.

My e-safety tip to always think twice about what information you put online.


I like fixing computers and coaching rugby.

My e-safety tip is that it is really better to talk to your friends in real life, rather than just online.




It is our job to:

  • Help others learn how to be safer online
  • Talk to children across the school about any e-safety concerns that they might have
  • Learn how to use new technologies, apps and software
  • Support teachers in using new technologies, apps and software in lessons
  • Suggest improvements to the ICT around school
  • Plan and deliver online safety assemblies
  • Keep parents and Governors up to date with current e-safety topics
  • Promote Safer Internet Day and organise whole school activities

Click the links below for more e-safety tips



Our latest task


We asked each class:


"At school there are a lot of rules about using computers. Do you know what they are and do you understand them?"

Here are the results of the survey.


There are lots of children who are not sure about the rules.



We have now decided to present to each class in school to make sure that all children understand the e-safety rules. We are also busy making posters to put up around school.