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Uniform orders

Ordering School Uniform


We are delighted to advise parents that we now have a simple and secure service for you to order your child's school uniform online and pay using a credit/debit card.


Parents should log on to


Orders will then be delivered into school packaged individually for your child, approximately 14 days after the monthly cut-off date.


The monthly order deadline will be: 30th of every month (28th Feb)


As well as the Cardigans, Sweatshirts and Reversible Coat we have also introduced embroidered polo shirts and tracksuit tops / pants as optional items that you may purchase.


We are confident that this improvement in our uniform ordering system will be of great benefit to parents and to the school.


If you are unable to order online you can still order via an order form; leave the order form and payment with the school office and the order will be placed for you.


Ties and book bags will also still be available from the school office.

If you have any questions please contact: Sarah Boxford (Matilda/ Freyas Boxford's Mum)