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School Council

Meet our School Council


The school council meets every month to discuss ways in which they can help improve our school.


Earlier this term we met to discuss Operation Christmas Child and ways in which we can encourage our pupils to support this as much as possible. We are pleased to announce we collected 87 shoe-boxes to donate to Operation Christmas Child. Well done everyone!


Our recent meetings have been to discuss how we can contribute to Anti-Bullying Week at St Mary's. We decided we would think of 21 Acts of Kindness and challenge children and adults to do as many as possible throughout their day.


Here are our 21 Acts Of Kindness:


  1. Play with somebody
  2. Be helpful
  3. Invite someone into your game
  4. If someone drops something, pick it up
  5. Keep the Golden Rules
  6. Smile at someone
  7. Comfort people who are upset
  8. Say please and thank you
  9. Share
  10. Respect other people’s property
  11. Ask people, “How are you?”
  12. Make someone laugh
  13. Stick up for your friends
  14. Help someone to find something
  15. Be friendly
  16. Be kind
  17. Hold the door open for someone
  18. Offer to help to carry things
  19. Share the play equipment
  20. Be a ray of sunshine!
  21. BE HAPPY!